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Our Story

Gotham Threads is a culture.

Gotham Threads believes in cool independence, established strength and artistic simplicity balanced with bold statements and fun.  New York City is one of the coolest places on earth, filled with characters so different from around the world.  A collaborative community rich in creative design.

Clothing should shout identity or whisper composure and confidence.  The appeal of any design  springs from the uniqueness of the individual and paired with choices, balances to create a visual dialogue of the soul.

Gotham Threads are sassy and quietly in command comprising the latest trends in New York City culture, art and social fun.

Years after moving to New York City, found D was walking in Central Park taking in the cool Fall breeze and smell of changing seasons.  D had an artistic vision of designing a line of women’s clothing that inspired by fun and art.  Artwork that would connect with everyday, eclectic personalities.  D started selling her fine art photography and placing the photos on bed comforters and curtains.  She was asked to place some images on tank tops and the rest is history.  Her fashion line was created.





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