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Hoodie Fashion Style Misconceptions

Hoodie Fashion Style Misconceptions – read now

Hoodie Fashion Style Misconceptions - Legendary Hoodie Designhoodie-fake-bluehoodielips

It is probably one of the modern Hoodie Fashion Style Misconceptions about hoodies that they should be worn only when sporting or relaxing at home. Everyone is being controversial and trying to make hoodies only a casual garment. But actually, hoodies are so much more. They are a part of the myth about the urban style which is actually all but a myth. It is the truth. It is soon conquering the fashion world, slowly – but surely!

There are some great, famous, talented designers which recognize the potential of hoodies, such as Kanye West with his latest Yeezy 2 collection. They could be worn and used so much more!

There is something about over-sized hoodies that just clicks. It makes you feel comfortable but can be yet stylish. It reminds you of home. If not over-sized it could be worn with a bomber jacket and if over-sized, and of course if you are brave enough you could follow into Rihanna’s footsteps and use it as a dress actually. Just be careful with this one. {also, follow Ri-Ri’s example and also take a mini underneath and let it show a little to turn the attention to your legs}

Even the sporty combination could work perfectly with just the right person or environment. If you look stylish in your sporty combination how would you look like in your favorite combination?

Perhaps all I said above about the controversialism of hoodies applies to the men’s tank tops as well? But the popularity of this garment has been rising quite rapidly due to new fashion trends and shows such as Jersey Shore, don’t you think? Even though it is commonly seen to be worn among sporty, (gym lover) guys, you can still rock some fashionable looks.

Even though summer is over in some places it is just beginning in other. Just combine your tank top with simple tailored shorts. It is all about the comfort and good looks. Forget about layering at this stage, and worry more about the colors and injecting personality in your wardrobe since that is what mostly matters.

Bold & Bohemian is the opposite of the summer style I described. Here you might look sloppy or casual but little do people know that this is a precisely planned look. It is all but ordinary. Take a more simple or plane tank top and combine it with a pair of printed trousers. Keep in mind that with this you don’t want to be too edgy. Slim or straight fits should work best.

This might be very unusual for some and that is why I will keep it only as a mention but for the ultimate smart – casual look. Combine your tank top with a blazer! Just remember to keep the colors neutral, and for the blazer, consider having it navy!

Overall, following the controversial thought of people might not always be the best. What is casual for some can be smart for others, it is all in the way of perception and the way you wear it. It is all about the street style being a way of people to make their own statement and adding their personality to fashion.   Hoodie fashion style misconceptions fixed.

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Hoodie Fashion Style Misconceptions

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