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History of Tee-shirts

History of Tee-shirts

Tee shirt otherwise known as “T-shirt” is a design of textile usually made of cotton to a kind of top branded after the T structure of the body and also with sleeves. The tee shirts are typically of short sleeves with round necks commonly called crew neck without collar but has transformed tremendously that some are designed with collars these days.  The History of Tee-shirts will explain the journey to the modern day tees we all love and wear today.

The cotton fibers are knitted in jersey stitches but they actually have a unique soft quality when compared to normal woven shirts. Nowadays, most of the latest designs are produced from a continually woven pipe on a circular loom to ensure that the body does not have any side seams. Printed tee shirts production has grown to be highly automated which involves cutting of fabric by water jet or even laser.

T-shirt fashion history emerged from undergarments in the 19th century; this was achieved by cutting a piece of union suit underclothing into different top together with bottom wears, though the top is just enough to be tucked in the waistband.

Tee as they are fondly called by some, was initially used in North America when the U.S. Navy began issuing them as underclothing during the 1898 Spanish–American war. The shirts were white t-shirts with round neck, short-sleeved and made of cotton material meant to be used as underclothing for uniform to provide heat especially for sailors and Marines on the sea. T-shirts were regarded an effective clothes worn under to offer warmth and were in addition worthwhile for the stringent military conditions which then ended up as an aspect of the navy uniform.

Tee shirts started being accepted as an under covering wears for workers in certain industries, such as agriculture, mining and many others. Tee shirt fits effortlessly in the body; they are also less expensive and very convenient to clean. As a result of its low cost and ease of cleaning, young guys went for it; consequently, different styles and various colors were produced. Moreover, during the great depression, various designs of t-shirts became clothing of choice used especially when one is working in the farm and also at various other times as informal wears. T-shirts in addition give extra security for the body while doing hard work.

With time, the V-shaped tee shirt known as V-neck, unlike the more popular crew neckline tees were launched and the essence of the V-neck was to prevent the neckline of the t-shirt from being noticeable any time another shirt is worn on it, thereby eliminating the noticeable round neckline from showing

The expression T-shirt evolved into American English in the 1920s and after the Second World War, it emerged in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Then, it was common for veterans to be putting on t-shirts as an informal wear with their uniform trousers. Also, in the 1950s, tee shirt got all the more fashionable and by the time Marlon Brando was seen dressed in tee shirt in a Streetcar called Desire. Thereafter, it ultimately reached the status as a stand-alone outerwear shirts or dresses . Generally young guys put on t-shirts when playing outdoor or while working, and pretty soon it became a general-purpose informal outfit.

History of Tee-shirts into a New Age

Although Printed t-shirts were not common by the time an Air Corps Gunnery School published their t-shirt on the cover of Life magazine in 1942. However, printed tee shirts became high in demand in 1960s for self-expression and also for mementos and for advertisements.   The History of Tee-shirts saw a revolution as they moved into a new age.

Today, there are various designs available in the market in different fabrics and patterns in both V-neck and round-neck tee shirts

The Chanel’s popularly custom-made jersey, a tee generally designed for underclothing became fashionable in the 1920s nonetheless it was not long before it evolved from under covering and from a masculine wear to a unisex clothing.

The item was usually purchased in bulk from Hanes and eventually, this traditional bright white tee shirt has become a rapidly growing fashion of choice in the 1990s and still gaining the attention of designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, who did a layered Chanel’s unique tweed cardigan jackets on white t-shirts in 1991. Also, Kanye West’s Hip Hop t-shirts for A.P.C received outstanding sales

Without doubt, one of the first types of printed T-shirts with a logo design on it are presented in the 1939 movie – The Wizard of Oz. In the film, 3 guys who were taking care of the Scarecrow at a Company – Wash & Brushup in Emerald City wore green tee shirts printed the word “Oz” in front.

Also, at the start 1950s many companies in Miami , Florida , for example Tropix Togs, were printing various resort names and other characters on t-shirts, and In 1976, these were the first licensee for Walt Disney characters as well as Mickey Mouse and Davy Crockett and afterwards , several other companies came into the business of T-shirt printing, companies like Sherry Manufacturing Company being a screen print scarf business founded by Quinton Sandler also developed into probably the most significant screen printed resort, in addition to being a certified garment company in north America.

History of Tee-shirts legendary tee shirt




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