Fun, Cuddly, Comfy Oversized Hoodies in Fashion

Fun, Cuddly, Comfy Oversized Fashion Hoodies

There’s nothing better than being out for the day in your most comfortable clothes. For women, fashion changes faster than we can realize, sometimes. There are all sorts of debates circling online about how comfort and fashion don’t go together, but that’s not entirely true all of the time. There’s a fantastic style option that you can spice up with accent pieces and accessories: over-sized hoodies. For all of those women out there that are struggling to find a way to make over-sized hoodies a fashion plus, here is the guide you’ve been waiting for. Fun, Cuddly, Comfy Over-sized Fashion Hoodies is a must.

First of all, you have to make sure that you take your size into consideration. If you normally wear a size Small, try not to go too over-sized. You can find over-sized styles that will make you feel comfortable and hidden without going to the large sizes. If you go too over-sized, you’ll just feel gross and awkward. So, choose your over-sized hoodie carefully and you’ll be on the right track to maximizing the style.

Fun, Cuddly, Comfy Oversized Fashion Hoodies Pirate Skull Crossbones Hoodie  Fun, Cuddly, Comfy Over-sized Fashion Hoodies New York City HoodieFun, Cuddly, Comfy Oversized Fashion Hoodies Black Heart Hoodie

On that same note, don’t worry about trying to find a hoodie that hugs your every curve. The whole point of hoodie style is that it has room to play and accessorize. So, a form fitting hoodie – while stylish – doesn’t have to be fitted in order to make a fashion statement. Oversize sweatshirts are fantastic style accents when you know how to use them. Comfort and fashion together in one outfit can be done! Here are the best ways to use your hoodie:

Use Hoodies As Fashionable Insulation

Layering is a great way to keep your style up to date. Though most people tend to wear zip up hoodies as a layering choice, it can easily be done with a good oversized hoodie as well. The key to this look is to make sure that you pick a thin hoodie. Remember that “thin” does not mean the same as “form fitting”. It just has to be able to slip comfortably under that cute leather jacket that you love. This way the hoodie (in a great print, or just as a solid color) is a fashion statement under the jacket as it peeks out from the sleeves, or a great top that you’re wearing when you take the jacket off. The choice is yours and both are great styles.

Pair A Hoodie With A Cute Skirt

I know what you’re thinking… “how can I wear an over-sized sweatshirt with a skirt? It’ll look terrible!” but keep reading. There’s lots of loose fitting style to be had here. Pick your favorite skirt, be it a flouncy one or a tight pencil skirt, or something in between. If it’s cold out, consider layering tights or fleece lined leggings underneath the skirt depending on your comfort level. Then, put all of your over-sized sweaters and hoodies next to the skirt and legging combination so that you can choose your favorite option in terms of matching print and color.

Slip the skirt and tights on and then the sweater as well. If you feel as though the sweater is too long for the skirt, bunch it up and use a belt along the waist to keep the oversized style but keep the skirt definition at its natural state. Try it out with different options and combinations. You’ll find the right one!

Wear Hoodies Over a Dress

Similar to the oversized style combination we just discussed, this one is much easier. Pick your favourite dress, though preferably one that falls to the knee, and then choose a matching sweater. In this case, a cropped oversized sweater would be the best option, unless the dress has a natural waistline. A cropped style can be created by simply tucking the sweater hemline up and in, or you can make it a little easier with a belt. As with the previous style, you’ll have to try it out a couple of times until you find a comfortable oversized style that is easy to maintain and makes you feel chic. It’ll come with practice.

Oversized Hoodies + a Scarf = Style

This is a ridiculously simple option. Whether you are wearing your oversized sweatshirt with jeans, a skirt, or a dress, throw a scarf into the mix and you have instant style. If you are wearing solid coloured hoodie, consider a printed scarf, and vice versa. You can explore the infinity scarf style option, which gives you choice in how to wear it, or go with the good old fashion triangle scarf era. Both are stylish, easy, versatile, and comfortable! Don’t be afraid to explore the knitted scarves as well as the printed ones.

Essentially, the scarf will spice up any combination you’re wearing, even if you intentionally mis-match colors and patterns. It’s an old trick that will do a lot of your style and comfort.

Chunky Necklaces with Hoodies

This must-have is a little harder than the scarf angle, but a lot of fun. When you pair the oversized hoodie with a bottom, consider the outfit with a variety of necklaces. If the neckline of your hoodie is scooped or open, consider a chunky tight fitting necklace that will accentuate your neckline and instantly dress you and your large sweater up.

If you have a high neckline and casual necklaces, consider the fun option of wearing long dangly chains with beads and other accent pieces on them. Whether they hang to your waist or just to your chest, they give you a casual but put-together look, highlighted and brought out by your oversized hoodie that just so happens to compliment the jewelry and is silky smooth and comfortable at the same time.

Oversized hoodies are fantastic and everyone loves to wear them. The good news is that you can bring that comfort with you when you go to school or out and about the town. By changing up your wardrobe a bit and adding a few accessories, you’ll go from “couch style” to “red carpet” style. And all that with a glorious oversized sweatshirt that you love. How much better can it get?


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