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Dance Clothes

Tango Rose Dance LeggingsTango Rose
Dance Leggings
Hip Hop in White Dance LeggingsHip Hop
Dance Leggings
Hip Hop Girl Dance Leggings Hip Hop Girl
Dance Leggings
Tango Rose Dance LeggingsTango Rose
Dance Leggings
Lyrical DancerLyrical Dancer
Hip Hop Summer Night Dance LeggingsHip Hop Summer
Night Dance Leggings
Dance LeggingsChalkboard Dance
Pointe Ballet Dance LeggingsPointe Dance
Tap Dance LeggingsTap Dance
Dance LeggingsDance in Red


Hip Hop T shirts and Clothing

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Music Notes T shirt
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Arabesque Ballet Dancer Tank TopStreet Hip Hop Dancer in WhiteTap Dancer Tank Top
Pointe Dance Tank Top Pointe Dancer Tank TopPointe Dancer Tank Top
Dance Racerback Tank Topsracerbacktanktopballerinatanktopwomensdancetapdancer
Pointe Dancers Tank Top  Ballerina Dance Tank Top  Tap Dance Tank Top
Hip Hop Woman Street Dancer Ballerina Ballet Tank Top Ballet Tutu Tank Pink
 Ballet Dancer Pink Dress Ballet Light Green Tutu Tank Ballet Dancer
Tank Top
Ballet Dancer White Print Tank Top  

Chalkboard Modern Dance LeggingsChalkboard Modern
Dance Leggings

Ballet LeggingsBallet Dance

Chalkboard Hip Hop Dance LeggigngsChalkboard Hip Hop
Dance Leggings
Modern Dance LeggingsModern Dance
Dance Goddess LeggingsDance Goddess
Sun Glow Hip Hop Dance LeggingsSun Glow Hip Hop
Dance Leggings
Ballet Dancer LeggingsBallet Dancer
Ballet Dancer LeggingsBallet Dancer
Lyrical Dancer LeggingsLyrical Dancer
Chalkboard Lyrical Dance LeggingsChalkboard Lyrical
Dance Leggings

Hoodies For Dancers


Hip Hop Music Notes Dancer Hoodie

Flamenco Dancer
Dance is My Soul 2

Colorful Ballet Hoodie

Hoodie Arabesque Ballet Dancer 

Jazz Dancer Hoodie

Tap Dancer Dance Hoodies Dancers
Grunge Dancer Hoodie

Ballet Dancer Ballerina Hoodie

 Ballet Dancer Blue Tutu HoodieJazz Dance Hoodies Dancers
 Jazz Dancer Hoodie Dance Forever Dancer Hoodie
Ballerina Arch Back Hoodie Pink
Dance Forever Dancer Hoodie Dance to be Free Quote Hoodie
 Forget Everything & Dance Quote Hoodie 
I Love Dance Boys Hoodie
Ballet Boy Football Can’t Compete
Jazz Dance HoodiePoint Ballet Warmup HoodiePink Ballet Dancer Hoodie
Pointe Ballet Dance Hoodies DancersPoint Dancer Warm-up HoodieDance is my soul Hoodie


Dance Leggings

Dancewear Dance Clothes 4Dancewear Dance Clothes 5Dancewear Dance Clothes 6Dancewear Dance Clothes 7Dancewear Dance Clothes 8
Dancewear Dance Clothes 9

Hip Hop, b-boying, popping and locking are some well-known versions of street dance which has a long history.  Street dance is dance that evolved in the streets, not formal dance studios.  The dance is social and improvisational and includes everyone present in the street.  Jazz dance, which is now taught in dance studios, started as street dance. T-shirt Urban Hip Hop Dancer

Street dancers are often found in and around Central Park and have been known to dance on New York Subway trains.  They can also be found behind New York City hall right across from the Brooklyn Bridge.  Every year, there is an official dance parade in Manhattan where dancers of all styles are welcome to join the parade.  Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater also has classes in Hip Hop.

Street dance exists in the UK, Europe and countries where urban cultures thrive.  Much of street dance is moving it’s way into studio dance with long-time street dancers teaching at studios in New York City such as Broadway Dance Center which has the Urban Dance League and a long list of faculty teaching hip hop and other styles.

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Find formal hip hop and street dance in New York City at the following links:

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