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Gotham Threads Logo Gotham Threads printed graphic shirts are cool, fashion casual, and versatile in jersey tops for women and Men’s Fashion. We want everyone to ask “Where did you get that graphic shirt?” GT designs are created to wear with jeans for cool casual looks and unique styles including minimalist, vintage or retro.  Choose from a range of colors, prints and patterns that look and feel great from day to night.

Stylish Quality Casual Clothing Gift Ideas for Men, Women and Teens

From hoodies, graphic tees to sports bras and flip flops, our fashion clothing for men and women can be that extra style sizzle to up your look. Wear our stylin’ designs for a night out with your friends or for an easy, stylish look for weekends at the county fair, hiking or sports event. Mix and match our designs and pair them with your favorite jeans. 

Pick a favorite casual clothing shirt for each day of the week. Black skulls on one day, flowers and unicorns, the next. 

Gifts For Her

Select a graphic design that fits the personality of each woman in your life. Yoga shirts for your wife, horses and unicorns for your daughter and beautiful gardening botanical s for your mom.  Don’t forget to look in the family shirts for great grandmother, aunts and your best friends. Get a gift that is super sweet for your perfect, super sweet girlfriend or super sassy if your friend has a fun and sparkier personality. Zodiac birth sign gifts are the perfect birthday gift.

Gifts For Him

Find the perfect outdoors, hiking, fishing, BMX, martial arts, mountain climbing, sports hoodies, t shirts or casual clothing sweatshirts to keep your guys in style.  Classic cars, motorcycles and a basketball hoodie is the perfect gift for your dad, brother or husband. Do you have a hard to buy for man?  Try a “year you were born” shirt that displays the year he was born, if that doesn’t fit, buy a coffee mug.  When buying for men and boys, make it a practical gift that is useful, yet unique. Who doesn’t need a soft, comfy hoodie to wear while hanging out in the man cave watching the Superbowl?

Gifts for Grandma

Grandmother has everything. What she probably wants is something soft and cuddly to hang out in.  A nice hoodie or soft t shirt for sitting on the porch or to keep her warm while weeding in the garden. You know she’d love some beautiful flower designs. Or, if she is spunky, maybe she’ll love a patriotic American Flag shirt with her favorite USA voting slogan.  And, don’t forget cooking.  Does your mime love to cook? Find the perfect casual clothing foodie, baker, chef graphic design that matches her loves perfectly.

Gifts for Grandpa

Grandfather s love to sleep, fish, read and watch sports.  What does your grandpapa love to do? No matter what grandpa loves, he’ll appreciate the comfort of a nice sweatshirt or hoodie.  How about a best in barbecue graphic design?

Gifts for Teens

Teens have so many hobbies from music and sports to horses, dance and gymnastics. Most of all, teens want cool gifts that they can show off to their friend. Being unique is most important.  It’s easy to find stylish casual clothing for teens.

  • Quality comfy hoodies for winter
  • Soft t shirts from Class Tees to Premium Quality Tees
  • Fitness and Yoga Leggings, both all over print and message print casual clothing
  • Fitness and Yoga Colorful Sports Bras for the gym workouts
  • 100’s of accessories to add extra style to your fashion outfit
  • Cute Flip Flops for the beach, summer, showers or everyday wear
  • Sheer scarves to add a splash of color to your outfits
  • Custom sneakers in colorful and theme based designs
  • Hooded, pouch pocket, fleece hoodies
  • Cool tank tops in styles for men and women
  • High top sneakers
  • Zodiac birthday gifts, including birth year gifts
  • Holiday Gift Guides everyone in the family: great grandmother, great grandfather, grandparents
  • Mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters and even best friend styles.
  • Cute casual clothes, clothing with sarcastic and funny sayings and quotes and classic, plain designs for those who like clean, minimalist design.
  • Trending fashion topics for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Great clothes to wear to the County Fair or Festivals.
  • We’ve got all your holidays covered from Spooky haunted Halloween lazy costume shirts to festive Christmas and Thanksgiving hoodies and shirts.

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