alchemy-black skull w mercury element symbol-graphic-print-design

Alchemy Black Skull

Alchemy Black Skull is a great look for everyone.

Skull with mercury on the forehead. Alchemy Black Skull Mercury Element Symbol Womens T shirt Black Skull Mercury Element Symbol Goth Hoodie for Men and Women

The tradition of purifying certain objects with base metals like lead and gold is called Alchemy. The mixture creates an elixir making the user immortal. Or, the mixture cures disease.

Perfecting the human body and soul is the quest of the alchemist.  The art of alchemy is an Egyptian Dark Art. The dark art uses chemistry and the science of dark matter on the atomic to molecular scale. It focuses on metals and crystals down to molecules.

There is a revival of Alchemy practice in New Age practices.  Occultists reinterpreted the philosophical pseudoscience topic since it’s revival during the Victorian era.

New age combined with self-transformation of the practitioner is why alchemy merged with the topic of magic.

The design comes in hoodie, long sleeve or tank top styles. And be sure to check out our Amazon Store here.


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