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Old T shirt – 9 Things to do old T shirt s

Old T shirt

Our favorite old T shirt becomes a part of our style that we never want to get rid of. Here are nine ways of refashioning t-shirts perfectly.

Old T-Shirt Comforter or Blanket Cover

You can utilize a variety of your T-shirts in this way. Open your pile of old college fashion clothing that has sentimental association and repurposed it in a unique style. You will need
20 or 25 T-shirts (depends on the size of quilt cover)
Fusible interfacing to keep the fabric at one place
Fabric for the back
Sewing machine
Quilt to fill in
Draw a square template on paper or cardboard and cut it out with a scissor.

This will be used as the ruler to cut patches out of all the T-shirts in the same size.

Iron all of the pieces on fusible interfacing. This will prevent stretching or wrong sizing.

Connect all the pieces by sewing them into a huge rectangular. Attach the back and fill it with the quilt. You can use a needle to put some random stitches between the cover to keep the quilt intact.

Make a pillowcase or cushion covers from you old t-shirt

You can make nice pillowcases with your quilt cover. You can also use your entire T-shirt to get some sporty and stylish cushion covers. Cut below the neckline and separate the sleeves. Create a proper square and stitch from three sides. Now fill it with cushion filling and close it with a nice button or you can simply stitch the fourth side neatly.

Old T Shirt Scarf

Repurposed clothing sometimes become a style statement when it is worn nicely. Craft main areas of your old T-shirt s into a nice scarf. Cut the center stickers, screen prints or any other patterns in rectangular shape and stitch them together. On the other side a net or any thin fabric may be used.

Old T Shirt Wall Hangings

You can actually create some cute wall hangings. Refashioning T-shirts in this way is a very different idea. Select the corner where you want to hang them and find the best complementing option. Cut any quotations and pictures from your T-Shirt and frame them. You can also paste these on old frames tightly and neatly.

Old T Shirt Weaving and Cutting

This idea is not only for repurposed clothing but it can also be used to resize or refashion a simple or over-sized T-shirt to make it more interesting. Simply cut the areas you want to stylize. If it’s the back, then cut thin strips in the middle of the back but be careful not to detach them. Tie the strips together by grasping the upper one and tying it the lower one. It is a very easy and cool idea. You can try this with the sides of the shirt as well.

Old T shirt Braided Head band

Cut three long strips from your T-shirt and create a braid with them. Place it on your head and cut according to your head size and leave an inch space between both ends from behind. Attach both sides with elastic and wear the comfortable headband.

Old T shirt Knotted Lampshade

You can reuse your old lampshade in this craft idea. Cut long strips of your T-shirt and attach them to create a long strip. Create a ball by muffling it. Start knotting it from the upper circle of the lampshade and make the strips hang from the top. Now start knotting them at the bottom of the lampshade. You can also wrap around both sides and make a small knot at the end after covering the whole lampshade. Start weaving strips from the upper side between the strips and cover them all. You can even knot them but weaving looks finer.

Old T shirt Braided Flip Flops

Cut strips of your T-shirt and make braids of them. Take your old flip flops and cut their strips. Make a loop on each hole by keeping the loop on the upper side and ends on the bottom. You can use a T-shirt strip, ribbon or any similar item. Then pull across the fabric braid from each loop and knot at the end. A cute woven flip flop!! You can make a couple of them to wear as disposable slippers at the beach or for outdoor activities.

Rag Rug

It is not a very simple project because it requires some equipment. Gather the following things for this project.
Two long strips of plywood or scrap wood (to make a loom)
Nails; quantity according to the length of both wood pieces
15 T-shirts
Glue (to attach the t-shirt strips)

You can get a weaving frame online or create one at home. Take two pieces of plywood or scrap wood from your yard. Place them parallel but along the length (of rug) distance from each other. Put nails in the wood at an inch distance from each other but parallel to the one on the other wood strip. Cut the strips out of your T-shirts and start knotting them onto each of the nails on one wood strip. Insert more strips to increase the length by pasting two corners or by slitting the piece and knotting the other strip. When you get the desired length, start knotting the other end with the parallel nail on the other wood piece.

After finishing it tie the first end on the first strip and weave back and forth towards the width. Increase the length of the strips in the same way you have done with the length. Keep on weaving until you cover all the strips. At the end tie the knot with the other side and cut it with a scissor. You can use some drops of glue to make it stronger. It shrinks a bit when you take it off from the loop. If you want it bigger then keep a margin of about 5 inches extra. After taking it off cut and fix the knots or joints.



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