5 Answers About Graphic Shirts

What is a graphic shirt?

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A graphic shirt is a tee shirt with a graphic on the front, front and back, sleeve or pocket. The graphic can be applied many different ways. Traditionally, graphics were applied by using a technique called screen printing. More, these days, the graphic is applied using a sublimation transfer heat press machine or a PowerPress digital sublimation heat press, also known as a Direct to Garment (DTG) printer and can print on any fabric.

What age should you stop wearing tee shirts?

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55 washes or more is the standard answer. People who love vintage t shirts also love the cracks that come along with the age. So, some will want a crisp graphic and some will look for the vintage, aged look.

What age should you stop wearing tee shirts?

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T shirts are ageless. No one is ever too old to wear a graphic shirt. Although the subject matter on the graphic tee should be more mature, printed graphic t shirts can say whatever you want them to say, old views or immature views.

Should adults wear graphic t shirts?

chess queen chess player chess shirt

Absolutely. Choose your style. It all depends on what you want on the shirt. The beauty is that it's your choice what graphic is on the shirt. Urban clothing, trendy tees, skater t shirts with edgy graphics or demure t shirts with flowers for garden lovers and cats for crazy cat ladies.

Where can I buy graphic tee shirts?

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GothamThreads is our first choice, of course. GT offers many different styles and fabric blends of shirts because we fulfill orders from many different printing companies. After you click in, be sure to scroll and check out the fabric the tee is made from. All of our styles are available in each different fabric blend. Some are printed on Bella + Canvas or Gildan, Hanes, Next Level. We even have premium organic t-shirts.

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